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Interpersonal skills are the most significant skills for the workforce as well as workplace.

Possessing only traditional technical skills will not suffice in the high demanding global marketplace. As per the survey published in The Economic Times - 85 per cent of the workforce is unskilled and unemployable resulting not fit to hold a job in highly demanding time of today.

The scenario has changed. There are various real life examples where how technical skills alone have failed to save workers from the dire consequences of downsizing, position cuts, and lay-offs.

There is extreme demand of soft skills and its necessity for contemporary workforce.

employbalz.com offers you the opportunity to identify ways to develop yourself, to see the relevance of your skills in different environments and aim to support you in keeping your employability on track.

The modern business workplace needs such qualities which can be gained through owning and practicing accomplished set of soft skills.

CEOs and human resource managers say that they are ready to hire workers who demonstrate a high level of soft skills and then train them to do the specific jobs available. At, the root, soft skills are as important, if not more important than traditional hard skills to an employer looking to hire………regardless of industry or job type.

Soft skills cover a wide range of attributes, personal behaviours and personality traits, but the most common traits, mentioned by virtually every employer were: positive work ethic, good attitude and a desire to learn and be trained.

For the skills you already have, write down evidence of when you have demonstrated them. You could use the 'STAR' Approach to help you lay out examples: Situation - When, where, with whom? Task - Describe the situation or the task you were faced with Action - How? What action did you take? Sometimes people focus on what the group did without mentioning their individual contribution Result - What results did you achieve/conclusions did you reach/what did you learn from the experience?

Evaluating your skills is a useful exercise as it can help you to think about your future career path and is useful when you are applying for jobs. It can also identify what you need to improve on to help you finish your research.

Soft skills tell the employer whether or not your personality fits the personality of the company, the bosses, and the co-workers. Many employers would rather hire an inexperienced worker with good self-management skills than an experienced worker who might cause problems.

Soft skills cover a wide range of attributes, personal behaviours and personality traits, but the most common traits, mentioned by virtually every employer were: positive work ethic, good attitude and a desire to learn and be trained.

The lack of soft skills in the workforce has been the topic of surveys, meetings, discussions and investigative television shows. There is an across-the-board unanimous appeal for employees with good soft skills. People with good soft skills are the most likely to be hired for available jobs over those with the hard skills, because as employers explain, it is easier to teach someone with good soft skills how to do a specific job than to put up with an employee with a poor attitude.

Leadership development is now being oriented for the growth of the company in domestic and global market as also for the succession plan.

“India’s most active soft skills development community”

  • "Employbalz .com is an excellent concept which can assist individuals achieve their professional goals by helping them identify and address the gaps in their soft skills.."more
    Ms. Anita Seth, Image Consultant
    Served as a Senior Check Air Hostess, Air India
  • "My corporate experience and acute observational skills has helped me understand the significance of soft skills and managing ones image for successfully achieving personal,.."more
    Ms. Bhumika Swarnkar, Image Consultant
    Senior Executive Engg., Larsen and Toubro
  • "While Knowledge and Skills will help students to become employable but without an enabling attitude, the employability would be a short lived experience and hence a lot of focus.."more
    Mr. Rajiv Naithani, Director - People Development (HR)
    GlobalLogic India Pvt. Ltd.
  • "One of the greatest characteristics of people who have the EGDE is their ABILITY TO CONDUCT themselves with poise and confidence in their daily life..."more
    Ms. Anu Malla, Image Consultant,
    Founder of A Nuovo Image

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Inquire & learn from industry’s top facilitators about your favourite & required skills. All while sitting in the comfort of your home, school, college or office.

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Intelligence chart vary from various reporting mechanism because it is firmly centered on person’s performance factors and it is built-up to facilitate as well as calculate his/her success. As a result, it focuses on imperative individual strengths such as interpersonal skills, decision making, creativity, leadership, communications, team effectiveness, social skills, motivation, organizational skills and how every individual deals with authority, ability and independence.

Intelligence chart can work as:
  • A career passport.
  • Highlights sparkling young talent.
  • Increase pre-recruitment candidate base for recruiters
  • Shift the focus on the student quality from institute reputation as top criteria for campus recruitment
  • A tool to understand employable skill & industry readiness.
  • A tool for corporate to shortlist & screen fresh talent.

“Employbalz skill development Pvt. Ltd. is among the pioneers in providing professional and structured skill development programmes. Our brand, “Sapientsfoothold” has already spread its wings across the nation. We have taken yet another step in making our approach towards employability skill the most comprehensive. We have launched a skill development teacher training course that covers nearly every aspect that is related to skill development programme. Being specialists in our field, we realise that the course should be modified according to the various needs of young students as their behavioural and educational demands are very different from people who are employed. We make sure that our trainers are capable of addressing every issue the student may have, intellectual or emotional, and are capable of communicating it. We stress upon this relationship between skill development trainers and students, as this form the basis of providing better & complete care to the students.”

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